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Can I get an estimate?
     Currently we are not doing estimates. Most people are having their hail damaged vehicle looked at by their insurance company first. Once you have the estimate your insurance company has done, we look at it to see if we notice any additional damage. Insurance adjusters often do not have special lights and the proper conditions, to be able to see all of the dents. If you have not had your insurance company look at your car yet, that's fine. You don't have to get hat done before you drop your car off. We are known for our great customer service. We will deal with the insurance company, and do all of the paperwork for you.

     If you have door dings or non-hail dents and you would like to pay cash for your repair, we can do a free estimate.

What do Atlanta Hail Specialists and Auto Hail Specialists do?

    We fix cars that have hail damage and door dings. We can repair some other types of dents as well. If your car has other damage (cracked windshield, paint cracked or scratched) we can fix your car too. No dent is too small. We can fix dents on motorcycles and other vehicles too, depending on the location of the dent and the type of metal.

How do we fix your car?
    The process we use is called Paintless Dent Repair, or PDR. PDR technicians use specialized tools to push the metal back into its original shape from behind the dent. Dents and dings can now be repaired without a trace, when the work is performed by a skilled technician. Techniques have developed to the point that dings can be removed with the original paint in place.

What are the advantages of our technique?
    *No repainting or body filler needed;
    *Less expensive than "traditional" body repair;
    *Same-day service for most door dings, 2/3 faster repair time than a conventional body 
    shop repair for hail damaged cars;
    *No risk of paint over spray on other vehicle areas;
    *No risk of incorrect color matching;
    *Vehicle retains original paint;
    *The structural integrity of the metal is maintained;
    *A vehicle with original paint retains a higher value than a repainted vehicle. Even if it is just a 
    door or a fender, it is always preferable to maintain the original paint on a vehicle for as long 
    as possible;
    *Even if you have to pay out of pocket for the repair (you have the minimum car insurance you 
    can get) the added value from the repair greatly exceeds the cost;        
    *Free estimates when applicable;
    *If you have a problem paying for your deductible or your rental car we have a program
     that may be able to help you with that
    *You get cash or a discount on your repair, for any business you bring to us (do you have 
    family members or neighbors that have damage on their car, refer them to us and get paid).
    *We offer free mobile service. Sometimes we are able to fix your car at your home or work 
    *We offer drop off and pick up service.
    *We will make a rental car reservation for you & we will deal with your insurance company so 
    that you can get a hassle free repair.

What if I think this just all sounds too good to be true?
    We offer a Satisfaction Guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty. This actually means something because we are not a "fly by night company" that is going to take off in a couple months. We are based right here in Georgia so you can trust that you will always be able to get a hold of us.

    Other companies may say they guarantee their work, but what good will that do you if you need to bring your car all the way to California when you notice an issue? The majority of hail repair businesses are not local companies. Most of the people that are here in Georgia fixing cars right now, will be going back home whenever the work begins to slow down. There are companies here fixing cars right now from all over the United States.Part of our company is a nation & world wide company, but we are headquartered here.

How do I get there?
    We can come to your car or you can come to us.

    We have locations in a lot of of the areas that were hit so far this year. Call us at (404)451-7322 to get the address of the nearest location and to make an apt. Appointments are our preferred way of doing business. We are a mobile business and we also work out of shops & dealerships. Some people would rather have convenience, others want to see where their vehicle is being fixed.

What are the shop hours?
    Curently we operate most of our locations every day between the hours of 8:00am-8:00pm. These hours will be changed back to out normal business hours once things start to slow down again. We are available after hours by appointment as well.

When can I call the number that is listed on this page?    
     Rebekah will be answering the phone from Monday-Friday 8am-9pm and Saturday & Sunday noon-9pm. If you call her any time other than that, she still may answer the phone, so feel free to call other times as well. If you are waiting on a technician to return your call, please be patient, as we are very busy right now. Normally you will get called back the same day. 

What if my insurance company wants me to have one of their people do an estimate?
    We will handle everything for you. If you have already recieved an estimate or a check, that is fine, if you have not, that is fine too. Often times when an insurance agent does an estimate they won't have perfect conditions to do a perfect estimate. They may not have the necessary lighting to see all of the dents. Once we get your vehicle under our special lights, we usually find that there are dents missing from the original estimate. It happens all the time and we have no problem writing a new estimate and handling the paperwork for you.

     You have a contractual obligation with your insurance company. If they pay for a repair and you don't get your car fixed, then you get into an accident or you get hit with hail again, they will not pay for the new damage to be repaired (because you didn't get the damage fixed that they paid for last time).

What if my insurance company wants me to have my car fixed by a company I don't want to use?
    You have the right to take your vehicle where ever you choose to. You don't have to go where your insurance company suggests. Many insurance companies recomend us. We are approved by all insurance companies. We recomend that you do your homework on whomever you decide to use. There are a lot of bad technicians out there.

Can you fix my car? Someone tried to fix it already & they did a terrible job...
    It is possible to fix bad paintless dent repair work sometimes. It would be our pleasure to take a look at the vehicle and let you know what we can do.

What does a bad repair look like?
    Instead of the metal surface having a "glassy", or smooth surface, it can end up looking like chewed bubble gum.

Who are our customers?

    They are people that want their cars fixed perfectly. They may be very particular, choosey, a little (or a lot) OCD, car lovers, truck enthusiasts, bikers, boat owners, plane owners, the list goes on and on. Our customers are extremely important to us. We are here to build a relationship that lasts. Our customers are frugal and demand the best price while still getting the best repair possible. We are fixing cars for a Cadillac dealership here in town. We fix cars at many of the local body shops. Join the group of our satisfied customers today!

Can you fix hail damaged cars at my body shop or dealership?
     Give us a call at (404)451-7322!
Are we hiring?
    Currently we will consider you for employment with our staff if you are an excellent, experienced PDR technician. You need to have:
    *5 years or more of PDR experience.
    *Abilities that rank you in the top 10% of the field.
    *The ability to pass our extensive tests.
    *Strong customer service skills.
    *References (at least 5 customer references & 3 professional business references) & 
    *A charming personality.
    *R&I experience.
    *The desire to work hard, long hours, the ability to be punctual & follow directions.
    *Your own tools, supplies, transportation, cell phone etc.
    *A clean driving record.
    At this time we are not hiring sales or office staff. You can email us a resume with references. Call the number below during appropriate working hours and we will give you the email address. We require that you are able to pass a drug test and our criminal background check. We will not employ anyone that could jeopardize our reputation in the community.

Do we train people in the art of paintless dent repair?
    Not at this time.
Any more questions?
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